Preparation and Submission 

1.Preparation of manuscripts:

1. The ABMMCJ accepts researches and scientific authentic studies written in both Arabic and English, which meet the rules and conditions of the scientific research that is known to be accepted in scientific presentation and documentation. Manuscript should be prepared according to the defined template.

2. It is important that the research should not have been published or submitted for publication in any other journal. The author will be requested to submit a written acknowledgment to that effect to be attached to his presented research (according to a specific format).

3. The research should be written in proper language, free from linguistic, grammatical and typing errors. The author will take full responsibility for any errors contained in his research.

 2. Submission:

A soft copy of the research should be sent by e-mail to the assistant editor, printed in Microsoft Word.

 Two summaries are to be attached with the research. One in Arabic and the other in English, within 150-200 words each.

 The Editorial Board has the right not to publish any research that is not compatible with the objectives and vision of the journal; and will accordingly inform the author of its decision.

 Documents that are sent to the journal will not be returned to the owner, whether published or not.

 Any research which attains approval for publication will be considered to be the property of the ABMMCJ and may not be published in any other scientific journal or otherwise.

The Editorial Board of the ABMMCJ has the right to re-publish already published works or abstracts through electronic pathways or regular hardcopy format, after informing the author.

 The Editorial Board has the right to make pro forma adjustments to research accepted for publication, in order to be commensurable with the journal’s pattern of publishing.

 The owner of the published research will receive 5 copies of his final published research and one single copy of the complete Journal in which his paper is published. In the case of the participation of more than one author in a given research, then each of the participants will receive 5 copies of their finalized research as well as one single journal each.

 The author should attach with his research any illustrations, tables, photographs, maps, documents and original manuscripts. A brief autobiography or recent Curriculum vitae of the author(s) should be attached also with the manuscrit.

 What is published in the magazine reflects the perspective of the author(s) and does not necessarily reflect the view of the journal.